Sunday, November 1, 2015

All The Shaving Samples!

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NEW GUYS - Check This Out!

Start your wet shaving journey on the right foot with a vintage Gillette razor.  If you don't like it you can trade it back for another razor or $10.00 worth of shaving samples!

Click any of the links below to order a kit today!

 Vintage Test Drive Razor Starter Kits:

$40.00 Shipped CONUS

$50.00 Shipped International

Click Here For More Information!

Above - 4 models of vintage Gillette Razors.
Your razor will be randomly selected from available stock

Each Kit Contains a New Omega Boar Brush,
an Arko Shaving Soap Stick, 10 blades and 2 aftershave samples.

 Vintage Test Drive Razor Starter Kits:

$40.00 Shipped CONUS

$50.00 Shipped International

Click Here To Order Your Starter Kit Today!


 Top Shelf Shaving Sample Subscription Service!

A monthly subscription service like you have never seen before!

2 monthly price levels ($20.00 or $30.00) 
or multi-month discounts with non-recurring billing.

Discounts and Exclusive Samples only for subscribers!

May 2015 Top Shelf Box Contents (Treet Black Beauty Blades, Vintage Treet Single Edge Blades, Boellis Panama Shaving Soap, Antica Barbieria Colla Aftershave Milk, Omega Mixed Midget Brush, Shaving Soap Stick Container.




1 - Look at the list of available samples below.

2 - Make a list of the samples you are interested in purchasing.

3 - Let us know if you want your order gift wrapped for $5.00.

4 - Email me (garry dot johnson at gmail dot com) the list of samples and I will reply back to confirm that everything you want is in stock or not. I will also provide you with the grand total and my paypal email address.

5 - My email address is garry dot johnson at gmail dot com

Keep scrolling down for the full list of available samples and always feel free to EMAIL me (garry dot johnson at gmail dot com) your questions before you place an order.

All payments are via paypal!

Your order will be prepared and shipped within 2 to 7 days!

Thanks for your patience!

 CONUS shipping is flat rate $3.50

International shipping is provided by request but please understand that International Shipping costs have increased significantly since January 27th, 2013



Pre-Shave Samples: provided in a 1/4oz double walled white plastic jar with a screw top dome lid unless otherwise noted. 

Proraso Pre/Post Green
Proraso Pre/Post Red
Proraso Pre/Post White

Updated Samples Coming Soon!!!


Shaving Cream Samples:
Shaving cream samples are provided in a 1/4oz double walled white plastic jar with a screw top dome lid. 1/2oz and larger shaving cream samples are provided in a clear plastic container with white snap on lid. 

Proraso Blue
Proraso Green
Proraso Red
Proraso White

TOBS Almond
TOBS Avocado
TOBS Cedarwood
TOBS Coconut
TOBS Eton College
TOBS Grapefruit
TOBS Jermyn Street
TOBS Lavender
TOBS Lemon-Lime
TOBS Mr. Taylor
TOBS Natural
TOBS Peppermint
TOBS Sandalwood
TOBS Shaving Shop
TOBS St. James

Updated Samples Coming Soon!!!

Shaving Soap Samples (milled into flakes so you can form your own puck):
Please see my youtube video demonstrating the best way to use my soap samples:

Dr. Harris Arlington
Dr. Harris Marlborough
Dr. Harris Sandalwood
Dr. Harris Windsor

Mitchell's Wool Fat

Updated Samples Coming Soon!

Aftershave Samples:
Aftershave samples are provided in a 1/4oz natural LDPE plastic boston round bottle with a reducer and screw on lid or alternatively a snap top lid with built in reducer depending on what I have in stock at any given time. 

Captain's Choice Bay Rum
Captain's Choice Cat O' Nine Tails
Captain's Choice Lime
Captain's Choice North
Captain's Choice Sandalwood

Floid Amber 1/4oz sample $2.50
Floid Black
Floid Blue
Floid Suave
Floid Vigoroso 1/4oz sample $2.50

Masters Bay Rum (with glycerin) 1/4oz sample $2.00
Murray & Lanman Florida Water 1/4oz sample $1.50
Musgo Real Splash

Myrsol Agua Balsamica 1/4oz sample $2.50
Myrsol Agua De Limon 1/4oz sample $2.50
Myrsol Antesol Pre/Post
Myrsol Blue
Myrsol F Extra 1/4oz sample $2.50
Myrsol Formula C 1/4oz sample $2.50
Myrsol Formula K 1/4oz sample $2.50
Myrsol Metilsol

Pinaud Bay Rum 1/4oz sample $1.50
Pinaud Citrus Musk 1/4oz sample $1.50
Pinaud Clubman 1/4oz sample $1.50
Pinaud Lilac Vegetal 1/4oz sample $1.50
Pinaud Lime Sec 1/4oz sample $1.50
Pinaud Musk 1/4oz sample $1.50
Pinaud Special Reserve 1/4oz sample $1.50
Pinaud Vanilla 1/4oz sample $1.50
1/4oz sample of each (8 Pinaud Scents Listed Above) $9.50 - See My Ebay Listing!

Pitralon Classic
Pitralon Polar
Pitralon Pure
Pitralon Swiss

Proraso Aftershave Splash
Proraso Green Liquid Aftershave Cream
Superior 70 Bay Rum 1/4oz sample $1.50  
Tabac Aftershave Splash 1/4oz sample $2.00 


EdT Samples:
EdT / Cologne samples are provided in a 5ml plastic atomizer with plastic hood. I also take the extra step of wrapping the atomizer with tape to prevent leakage. 

Caron Pour Un Homme De Caron EdT 5ml Atomizer $1.50
Kanon Agarwood EdT 5ml Atomizer $1.50


Astra Platinum DE Blades
Astra Stainless (blue pack) DE Blades
Bic Chrome Platinum DE Blades
Derby DE Blades 5pk - $1.50
Dorco ST-301 DE Blades 10pk - $2.00
Feather Hi-Stainless DE Blades
Gillette Wilkinson Sword Stainless 10pk (made in India)
Personna Lab DE Blades 5 blades individually wrapped
Shark Super Stainless DE Blades
Shark Super Chrome DE Blades

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Main Menu!

Welcome To Garry's Sample Shop!

See my current list of pre-shave, shaving cream, shaving soap, aftershave, razor blade and cologne / EdT samples

8/2/15 -  TOBS Shaving Cream Clearance Sale!!!
6/7/15 - New Proraso White Shaving Cream in the tube!
5/11/15 - Check out all the bay rum in stock now!!!

 5/4/15 - Adjustable Kits will be back in stock soon!

Buy The Kit Here Directly With Paypal.  The best value in wet shaving for the new guy who wants EVERYTHING to get started in one affordable kit.  Vintage Gillette Razors, Omega Boar Brushes, Shaving Soap, Aftershave and Blades!