Vintage Razor Test Drive Starter Kits

Everything you need to start wet shaving 
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(Worldwide $50.00 Including Shipping)

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The Story Behind My Vintage Razor Test Drive Starter Kits:

When I first started wet shaving the best advice every new guy heard was to pick one razor, one brush, one cream or soap, a few aftershaves and a few different types of blades.  Shave with this trial setup for a month and then switch out one thing at a time that you aren't sure about until you nail down that perfect shave combo.

Today, I still believe this to be the best method and this is why I created my Vintage Razor Test Drive Starter Kits.

What Does "Test Drive" Mean?

Why commit to hundreds of dollars worth of equipment now when you have never tried wet shaving before?  I truly believe this "Test Drive" feature makes my kit the single best value in the wet shaving world today and it does mean exactly what you think it means.  Test Drive literally means you can try the razor that comes with my kit for as long as you want (2 days or 5 years, no limit really).  Whenever you are ready to try a different model vintage Gillette razor, you can mail the razor from your kit back to me (along with the trade in certificate) and receive in return, a different type or model of vintage Gillette razor.  If you decide that vintage razors just aren't for you, just can  return the razor from your kit with the trade in certificate in exchange for $10.00 worth of any of my in stock shaving samples.
Why Can't I Pick Which Razor I Want?

Save yourself the time and the frustration from analysis paralysis.  I certainly wouldn't to tell you what to shave with, that's not the point at all.  Ask yourself these questions though: 

Is reading all the statistics on blade gap and handle weight or looking at tons of photos of each razor possibly going to help me when I've never used or even held a safety razor before?  

Is reading reviews on all the top new popular razors really going to be applicable to my particular skin, shaving style and my facial hair when I have no real life comparison?  

Each model of vintage razor that Gillette released from the early 1900's to 1980's was literally used by tens of thousands of men around the world.  These vintage Gillette razors are tried and true.  You might not like some of the particulars about the razor you receive but I guarantee you will learn something about shaving which will guide you towards what razor to try next.

 Each Kit Contains:

Razor - 1 User Grade Vintage Gillette Safety Razor. The razor will be cleaned, sanitized and ready to shave when you get it. User grade razors may not be collectors' items in the looks department, but are guaranteed to be shave ready with no issues.  You might receive any model of vintage razor that I currently have in stock including New Type, Old Type, Knack, Tech or a Super Speed.

Example Vintage Gillette Razors
(L to R - Ball Handle Tech, 50's Super Speed, Fat Handle Tech, 40's Super Speed)

Blades - 10 Double Edge Blades (brands will vary). The blades will be well known brands so you can easily buy more if you like them.  You can never try enough types of blades but at least try a 5 pack before writing them off.

Brush - 1 Brand New Omega Boar Brush (model may vary but it will be Omega brand). These are brand new boar bristle brushes from one of the top brush makers in the world.  There are certainly more expensive brushes on the market with nicer handles but these brushes are true work horses of the industry and they will shave you well for many years.

Shave Soap - 1 Arko Shaving Soap Stick.  Arko may just be one of the easiest shaving soaps to lather on the market today. It's soft enough to mold into the mug or container of your choice if you don't want to use it as a soap stick and it's perfect for travel as well.

Aftershave - 1/2oz Aftershave Splash (brands will vary). I will select 2 splashes 1/4oz each based on current available stock. There are some negative associations with alcohol based splashes but I would like to ask you to not believe the hype until you try for yourself. An alcohol based splash may be just what you need to revive and heal your sensitive or oily skin.  You may discover that your skin was never really sensitive at all, just annoyed from the multi-blade cartridges and chemical based shaving foam or goo.

Omega Boar Brush, Arko Shave Stick, 10 Blades & 2 Aftershave Samples
Extra Benefit - Razor Trade Certificate.  I wanted to give every new guy a little extra reason to come back and do business with me again so I will also include 1 Trade Certificate entitling you to return the razor at any time in the same usable condition and in return I will send you a different model Vintage Gillette razor or $10.00 worth of samples (your choice). We would each pay our own shipping and the original certificate must be returned with the razor. All I ask is that you email or PM me before mailing your razor so I can keep track of everything.

Please send me an EMAIL GARRY DOT JOHNSON AT GMAIL DOT COM with any questions you have on the starter kit!

CONUS $40.00 Including Shipping - Contact me for payment instructions!

INTERNATIONAL $50.00 Including Shipping - Contact me for payment instructions!


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  3. I can get the vintage offer for US$50 shipped to OZ but what about the subscription service and top shelf upgrade?

    1. For the next few months the monthly subscription fee is the same worldwide! Once I have a decent size subscription customer base I will absolutely have to raise the price for NEW non-US based subscribers due to the extremely high and ever rising cost of international shipping.

  4. Are you still taking orders? UK classes as worldwide? Still $50?

    1. Hi Michael - yes I am and you are correct! UK is considered worldwide and the cost is $50.00. I just got another big batch of razors cleaned up and ready to ship!!!

  5. Is this package still going? Also, do you ship to Australia?

  6. Hi Justin - the starter kits are still going and I am glad to ship worldwide including Australia.

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  8. Hi, Gary. I sent you an email about a problem where my shipping address should be different than my billing address (this is a gift). For future reference, is it possible to make the shipping address different from the billing address in the PayPal form? I couldn't see where to do that. Thanks!

  9. Hi Ben - I replied to your email directly. The only way to do this would be to include the address you want it shipped to in the comments/notes section during the paypal payment process.

  10. Hi gary, I just purchased a starter kit off you. What is inclued? I just realised you have two different kits but I need one with the brush included. Thanks

  11. Are you still selling these kits?

  12. Yes indeed, I am still selling these kits, thanks for asking.

  13. Hi Gary, I'm just wondering how long does it take for an order to ship out usually? I sent you an email and am unsure if you received it. Thanks!

  14. Hi Gary,

    I'm curious how long it takes an order to be shipped / if there's a confirmation email sent? I've sent paypal, but I've yet to receive anything back.

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