Top Shelf Shaving Sample Subscription Service

Top Shelf Subscription Service 
Has Been Cancelled

Everyone who has a subscription will receive boxes for any month they have already paid for. I have gone into paypal and cancelled all existing subscriptions. I have left the unsubscribe button below in case you want to double check your status.
How do I Unsubscribe?

Click the button below.  If you have any trouble unsubscribing please contact me by email.  Please note if you signed up for a 1 time payment of 3 or 6 month subscription there is no need to unsubscribe, your subscription will automatically expire until you sign up again.


garry dot johnson at gmail dot com


  1. Can you post whats been inc each month so we can get a feel on if this is worth subscribing too as its hard to contact you (besides ebay) and this site has very little info and i think based on the reply you sent me might be of interest to me and others on SHAVE THE MAN

  2. I was a Top shelf subscriber for 3 months and every month was like Christmas.
    I only suspended my subscription so I could fully enjoy what was sent previously, it was so much.
    As soon as I run low I will gladly pick up where I left off.

  3. Box #1 – Contents:
    1 - Art of Shaving Sandalwood Shaving Soap – Vintage Tallow Formula – Full Size Puck - A truly brilliant shaving soap with one of the most vibrant Sandalwood scents on the market. This soap was unfortunately recently re-formulated to remove the tallow. Enjoy this puck as it may be the last.
    2 – Martin de Candre Oil of Copra Lemon & Camomile – This product has multiple uses but makes an excellent aftershave oil that rubs in well and heals the face even after a really bad shave. The scent is one of my favorites.
    3 – Gillette Wilkinson Sword Double Edge Blades – 10 pack – Confused yet? Gillette does produce these blades in India and I find them to be very smooth.
    4 – Feather Blades – 5 pack – A must try for anyone who hasn’t. They are one of the sharpest on the market but don’t be intimidated. Just use good form and you’ll be fine.
    5 – Guerlain Vetiver Eau de Cologne – Original Vintage Formula – 1.5ml – Another unfortunate reformulation left this popular cologne without its former masculine kick in the opening. This vintage formula starts out bold and VERY earthy but the dry down is very pleasant and suitable for most occasions. The vintage formula is not too difficult to find still but the supply is getting more limited by the day. I hope you enjoy and have a chance to compare to the modern offering.
    6 – 2.5ml Atomizer – I included the atomizer for you to use with your Vintage Guerlain Vetiver but feel free to use it how you like.

  4. Box #2 – Contents:

    1 – Boellis Panama 1924 Shaving Soap
    Considered to be one of the top Italian shaving soaps of all time; this luxurious tallow soap is scented with pure almond and creates a protective and slick lather. In order to get the most uses from this 1/2oz sample I recommend pushing it into the bottom of a narrow bowl or mug.

    2 – Omega Shaving Brush #11047 “Mixed Midget”
    This is a very unique travel sized brush with a huge and fantastic reputation. This is the mixed Badger/Boar version which is a little more special in my opinion.

    3 – Antica Barbieria Colla Aftershave Milk/Balm
    Another very luxurious Italian brand. These 1oz aftershave samples are top quality and great for your skin not to mention they smell amazing.

    4 – Treet “Black Beauty” Double Edge Blades 10pk
    A highly controversial carbon steel blade that often sparks heated debate; Love or hate, I urge everyone to try these carbon steel blades to see what the hype is all about. Being carbon steel though I urge caution with regards to rust after 2 shaves.

    Treet Vintage Super Single Edge Blades; these blades are from the 1970’s and we can tell this because they advertise the GEM Contour II Razor. UNFORTUNATELY I have opened several packs of these blades and found most of them to be too rusty to shave with safely (carbon steel + cardboard packaging + exposure) . My recommendation is you keep these for display purposes only as the packaging is still very cool.

    6 – Shaving Soap Stick Container
    Hit the road with your new Omega travel brush and throw this container in your dopp kit as well. Works great with any soft soap/croap or you can mill/grate your favorite hard soap and press it into the container as well.

  5. Box #3 – Contents:

    1 – Catalyst Aftershave by Halston 1.7oz (Top Shelf Only)
    A relatively unknown aftershave but it’s a good one! Most perfume companies don’t put any thought into their aftershaves instead they just lower the amount of fragrance and call it aftershave instead of cologne. This is not the case with Catalyst and you can see the proof in the bottle. The orange liquid is glycerin and it feels amazing on your skin after a shave. Shake before use!

    2 – Dark Wood Shave Bowl
    Looks classy next to the sink! Drop your favorite refill puck of soap inside and enjoy. If your soap doesn’t fit exactly you can trim the edges of the soap with a knife. I’ve had one of these bowls for over 2 years and can say they hold up to moisture very well just wipe off the outside of the bowl after use.

    3 – Coate’s Superior Shaving Cream (scent will vary) for the full story but long story short this is a great cream and it hasn’t been widely available for about 10 years now.

    4 – Vintage “Shulton Era” Old Spice After Shave Lotion
    This is the original juice made in the original factory in Shulton, NJ. Enjoy this 1/4oz sample and then scour ebay for some more.

    5 – Croma Diamant Double Edge Blades (10 pack)
    Just wanted to share with you one of my new favorite blades from Germany.

  6. Box #4 – Contents:

    1 – Single Edge Razor (Top Shelf Only)
    I’m a big advocate for the single edge shave and some guys never bother to give it a try. Here is your risk free opportunity to give it a go if you haven’t before. If you already have the same model single edge razor that I’ve included in your box please contact me by email to arrange a trade.

    2 – Treet Single Edge Blades – New Stock
    These blades are brand new stock and perfect to use with any single edge razor. Treet blades are some of the smoothest around in my opinion

    3 – Czech & Speake - Oxford & Cambridge Shaving Soap
    Tallow is the first ingredient and the dark lavender scent is truly one of a kind. These soaps are made in Italy by the same company who made the tallow Art of Shaving Soaps.

    4 – Czech & Speake – Oxford & Cambridge Aftershave Splash
    A perfect complement to the shaving soap, long lasting lavender at last! The price is usually very off putting for most to plunge for a full bottle. Hopefully this sample will help you decide once and for all if $120.00 is worth it for a full bottle. Top Notes: Bergamot, Peppermint, Rosemary. Heart Notes: English lavender, French lavender: Base notes: Oakmoss, Sandalwood

    5 – Gucci Pour Homme Edt – Original 1976 Version
    Just wanted to share with you one of my favorite out of production scents. This discontinued EdT has many fans willing to pay upwards of $200 for a bottle on eBay. TOP: Bergamot, Lavender, Basil, Artemisia, Petitgrain, Lemon. MIDDLE: Geranium, Carnation, Patchouli, Jasmin, Orris, Pepper, Pimento Berry, Sandalwood, Cedarwood. BASE: Moss, Tonka, Musk, Vanilla, Labdanum, Amber, Leather

  7. Box #5 – Contents:

    1 – Le Pere Lucien Lavande Vetiver Shaving Soap (Top Shelf 1.33oz in tin – basic subscription 0.5oz in plastic tub)
    One of the most requested soap samples in my sample shop, this is a limited edition scent made for Razor and Brush. Top notch French shaving soap easily as good as Martin de Candre!

    2 – Israel Crystal Double Edge Blades
    These blades used to be highly recommended on the shaving forums but lost popularity for some reason over the last few years. They are great blades in my opinion and well worth trying a 10 pack.

    3 – Tabula Rasa Blue Aftershave Gel
    Tabula Rasa used to be “unobtanium” and only made 1 or 2 remarkable shaving soaps including the ever popular dark lavender scent. They made huge strides over the last few years and now enjoy popularity around the world. They make great shaving soap but their aftershave doesn’t draw much attention for some reason.

    4 – 100% Cotton Handkercheif
    Just because it’s summer time! Carrying a pocket handkerchief is a great habit and comes in handy more often than you would imagine. If anything it beats wiping the sweat from your brow on your t-shirt.

  8. Box #6 – Contents:

    1 – Utopia DE Safety Razor (Top Shelf Only)
    This heavy duty razor is receiving great reviews online as being a great low cost starter razor. I’ve been using one for about a month now and it will remain in rotation.

    2 - ShaveWorks Get Smooth Duo (Pearl Souffle and The Cool Fix)
    For some reason these products are being pushed as feminine on Sephora but as we all know you can’t convince most guys that Rose and Lavender have masculine scents for hundreds of years! The Cool Fix gel is simply amazing if you have a rough shave at all and the Pearl Souffle shaving cream not only smells amazing it lathers as well as any traditional shaving cream on the market today.

    3 – Arko Shaving Soap Stick
    Love it or hate it, I want you to try it! This soap is up there with Lilac Vegetal as far as having a polarizing scent and so many people steer clear. Regardless of scent, this soap explodes with lather and every shaving soap should look on with envy.

    4 – Gillette Silver Blue DE Blades (5 pack)
    Tried these yet? A favorite of the masses and for good reason!

    5 – Pour Un Homme De Caron (2ml Sample Vial)
    A truly classic, agreeable and pleasant every occasion type of scent. Lavender and Vanilla, nothing more to say!

  9. Box #7 – Contents:

    1 – Monsavon Bol a Raser
    This classic French Tallow Shaving Soap has a reputation amongst those in the know but gets very little attention on the forums for some reason.

    2 - Savonniere Du Moulin Aftershave Balm – 1/2oz glass bottle for Top Shelf or 1/4oz plastic bottle for Basic Subscribers.
    This amazing balm contains 50% donkey milk and will heal the roughest shave with no trouble.

    3 – Savonniere Du Moulin 1/2oz Shaving Soap Sample
    Excellent Donkey Milk Shaving Soap with a light cologne scent. Please see my blog for a link to a video I made on how to best use a shaving soap sample from soap flakes.

    4 – TOBS Cedarwood 1/2oz Shaving Cream Sample
    Taylor of Old Bond Street has done it again! What a great new scent, instantly fell in love with it and I hope you do to.

  10. Box #8 Contents:

    1 – Pugilist Rag Soak and Compressed Towel Tablets (TOP SHELF ONLY)
    Please enjoy a 2ml sample of Pugilist Rag Soak as an aftershave or pre-shave prep as follows. Simply hold one of the compressed towel tablets under hot or cold water until it unfolds and pour a few drops of the oil onto the towel. Work it into the towel and apply to face. This liquid miracle is great after a shave or in the morning to kick start your day.

    2 - Omega S-Brush
    What a game changer these new synthetic brushes have become. I own and use one regularly and absolutely love it. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.

    3 – Institut Karite Aftershave Balm 1oz tube
    Great for the winter months and made with 25% Shea Cream.

    4 – Palmolive Shave Stick 50grams
    A classic shaving soap stick with Tallow in a clean fresh scent, one of my favorites!

  11. Box #9 – Contents:

    1 – Suavecito Sandalwood Aftershave Balm (TOP SHELF ONLY)
    From Suavecito Premium Blends their newest aftershave balm in Sandalwood is an amazing performer with a great scent. Please use the tube key on this foil tube for maximum enjoyment!
    2 - Art of Shaving Peppermint Shaving Cream
    ~1.5oz sample of the newest limited edition shaving cream from Art of Shaving. This stuff smells amazing and performs beautifully. Put it in your travel kit and use it brushless if necessary.
    3 - Tube Key
    Get the last drop of product from any metallic tube with a trusty tube key. Works great on the enclosed Suavecito Aftershave Balm.
    4 – Personna Medical Prep Blades (Double Edge, 5 Blades)
    A favorite among wet shavers and for good reason. These blades are true medical grade and provide an amazingly smooth shave for most. Everyone should try these!
    5 – Christmas Surprise!
    I really appreciate your business and hope you enjoy the free gift as well!

  12. Box #10 - January 2016

    1. Barrister & Mann Full Size Shaving Soap (TOP SHELF ONLY)
    My box contained a full tub of Latha Limon, a great performing soap with a clean citrus scent.

    2. St. James of London Sampler Pack
    Seven samples including 1 pre-shave oil, 3 shaving creams, and 3 aftershave samples.

    3. Dragonfly Simple Razor
    Kamisori style shavette razor that may or may not be disposable.

    4. Shark Super Stainless Half Blades (5 blades)
    To be used with the Dragonfly Razor

    5. Pinaud Clubman Jumbo Styptic Pencil
    It's big.

  13. Box #11 - February 2016

    1. Taylor of Old Bond Street-Jermyn Street Cream (TOP SHELF ONLY)
    Travel size cream 1.75 fl.oz, 50mL

    2. Vie-Long Shave Soap Stick
    50g soap stick for travel

    3. Castle Forbes Lime Cream
    A 1 oz sample in a great little tub

    4. Floid Amber (Original) Aftershave Splash
    A 1/4 oz sample in mini bottle

  14. Top Shelf
    Shaving Sample Subscription Service
    Box #12 – Contents:

    1 – Simpson Shaving Brush Travel Case (TOP SHELF ONLY)
    Perfect to throw in your dopp kit and go. Fits the Omega Mighty Midget and other similar small shaving brushes to protect your travel gear in style.
    2 - Blade Bank
    Love the look of these blade banks and they will look great on your counter top while preventing accidents with your used blades.
    3 - Stirling Soap Co – Executive Man Shaving Soap, Aftershave Balm and Aftershave Splash
    First the scent, a dead ringer for the most popular Creed Aventus. Second, performance! If you haven’t heard of or tried this brand yet prepare to be amazed and enjoy a full and perfect shave!
    4 – Sterling Bath Soap Sharp Dressed Man
    Another amazing scent, Stirling Soaps interpretation of Creed Green

  15. Top Shelf
    Shaving Sample Subscription Service
    Box #13 – Contents:

    1 – West Coast Shaving Bronze Razor Stand (TOP SHELF ONLY)
    Still sticking with the travel theme for summer, this is a perfect little razor stand to throw in your dopp kit.
    2 - Haslinger Coconut Shaving Soap ~1oz
    This soap has been around for quite some time and is finally getting some love on the wet shaving forums. It’s selling out all over the place now so I hope you enjoy this if you missed out recently. Contains TALLOW
    3 - 444 Aftershave Gel
    This is a great product if you haven’t had the pleasure yet. Just a pea size amount in your palm mixed with a splash of your favorite aftershave and you are good to go. Or use it by itself. I will never be without a tube or 2 of this in the shave den!
    4 – Rockwell Razors Double Edge Blades (5pk)
    Just wanted to support this company who is making some cutting edge razors with tons of customer support through kickstarter.